Monday, 28 October 2013

Four reasons to select Philip Ross - In touch, Experience, Capable and Courageous

In touch - I live in Letchworth Garden City and have done since 2000. I have raised a family here, my children go to local schools and my wife works in higher education and the local health economy. I run the Fair Trade Group for Letchworth which is extending to Baldock. I am former school governor at Lordship Farm School. I am the former Town Mayor of Letchworth Garden City. I don't have to imagine what it is like to live in North Herts, I know.

It is the school gates, the town centre, the railway station, the doctors' waiting room, links with Cambridge and to Hitchin and Stevenage. It is the collections of the bins, the parks and the greens. It is the struggle to promote our values against a Tory council in a Tory constituency. 

I work in a normal job near Bank. I have worked in London since 1997. I was formally a computer programmer for Sage. I know what it is like to be out of work and work for lower wages (which I did when the dot-com boom came to an end). I am married with three children (aged 16, 13 and 7). My wife is a former chair of a PCT. She is now chairman of an out-of-hours doctors’ social enterprise and is an lecturer in bio-sciences at the University of Hertfordshire.

Experienced - I know what it is like to work in today's economy both as an employee and as a freelancers. I know what it is like to be in a non-unionised environment (most of my career) and how important right at work are as I have helped people to use them. I have been a Parliamentary candidate before in 2001. I worked for an MP for a year. I have been town mayor. I have been CLP secretary in NE Herts. I have run numerous campaigns. I done TV and radio interviews and written numerous articles for Labour and financial magazines and websites. I am the author of two books, one on garden cities and the other on freelancing.

Capable - I am capable of getting things done. As a freelancer I helped to found a trade association that now thrives with 20,000 members. I am a good public speaker and have spoken internationally on Garden Cities (Hong Kong, Wuhan, Naples (UNESCO), Beijing, Chengdu). I am capable of working with the media to get our message across in both local and national press. I have the experience of chairing meetings in both private and public. I am use to knocking on doors. I organised two fringe meetings at Labour conference in 2013. One book on freelancing and the other on garden cities. I have push the issue of garden cities and  freelancing onto Labour's policy agenda. I am leading a freelancers task force for Labour's Finance and Industry Group (LFIG).

Courageous - As town mayor I defended the people of the town against the wealthy local landlord who said they couldn't meet to discuss what they did. I won two High Court battles. I am use to defending people. At work I have defended and supported people at grievance procedures when others were afraid to do it. I am use to fighting in a Tory seat.

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