Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Aims for North East Herts

My aims for the Campaign
Building foundations for the future
"Labour is back in charge of the area committee in Letchworth, we need to make sure that Letchworth remains a Labour town again for next 20 years, this election can put the foundations in place to make that so."

Give a voice to the unrepresented
"The need for Labour to have a voice elsewhere in the constituency is true whether it is ensuring that we keep a voice in Royston and giving a voice to those in Baldock and East Herts. This election could be a two way split between Labour and the Tories or a three way split between Labour, the Tories and UKIP. There is an opportunity to win.

Garden Cities belong to Labour
"As Garden Cities are now on the public agenda it is important that the progressive and co-operative ideas of land ownership and land value capture and democratic governance are at the heart of the new movement.
It is the duty of Letchworth to be at the forefront of this debate and for Labour to lead it. That will be one of my priorities as candidate"

Promoting Labour's agenda
“I believe in a One Nation Britain that is co-operative, mutual and progressive.
I want Labour to become the party of and for small business, freelancers and the self-employed.

I want us to rebuild and create new mutual structures for our country so that everyone can contribute to and share in Britain’s prosperity. I want Labour to highlight to effects of cuts to public services and that we want the benefits of the recovery to be shared by all not just an elite few. "

Ensuring a Labour Victory
"By fighting  strong campaign in NE Herts we can help those marginals in Cambridge, Stevenage and elsewhere win their battles by winning the national argument for a Labour Government and our progressive values"

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